Political Squawking & Economic Freedom For Unwilling Prey

No Fact Checking Either!

This website is now ready for smart phones use.  We still appreciate your advice and information about anything you think needs improvement.  We also need money and people so if you would like to invest either time and work or money for equity, let us know.  In particular we would like to create an Android App next.

To put it bluntly we are disgusted with Big Tech and bullies that censor us and deny us a platform to express our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

What good is Freedom of Speech if we will be physically attacked for saying what we think?  What good is Freedom of Religion when churches are burned and crosses defaced and cars damaged in the church parking lot by goons?  What good is freedom of Religion when people are justifiably afraid to go to church?  What good is the Right to Vote when 20% of the vote is by dead people or non-citizens here illegally.  And what good is the press and social media that censors us if we complain about a murdered family menber or friend?   The press loves to display retaliation and self defense as violence against peaceful protesters but we who have gone to funerals of those killed by the peaceful protesters (directly or indriectly) have had nowhere to speak and be heard.  Now we do - here.  And feel free to say whatever you want about those "peaceful" BLM and Antifa protesters.

What good are rights when people are being hurt and killed for exercising them?

It is time to take action against the bullies.  We are being hurt, it is time to Squawk.  And it is time to be proactive in self defense.

The American Crow is our mascot, warning everyone that there is danger nearby.  And who is the danger?

Every Censor is dangerous to Politicl and Economic Freedom.  Every Crow is a Sentry.  Every Censor is a Predator!