Tutorial #2 for Uncensored Squawking!

How to Log In


  • You must have created an account.
  • If you forget or lose your password you must have access to your email and remember your PIN


  • Password Manager.
  • Tablet or Computer

From the Home Page, select the My Accout button. This will take you to the Login page. From any other page, select Login from the main menu.

Enter your email address and select the "Check Email Address" button.

Enter your Password and select the "Log In" button.  Don't guess because if you enter too many incorrect passwords you will be locked out until tomorrow.  If you enter the wrong password, you must start over and re-enter your email address.  This is for your protection from computer generated guessing hackers.

If you enter both the correct email and password, you will be logged in and will see a short Welcome message to you (your Handle).  We urge you to select the Help button at the top and read it.